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Everyone has their passions...ours is wine! We believe the process of turning grapes into wine is more than a science or a's an art!


Each of our certified varietals is carefully selected to ensure the wine you are enjoying is perfect each and every time. 


Alan W. Kunst, Jr. & Ralph S. Mattison Jr., founders, proprietors, and wine makers of Sloan & Williams brand of wines, bring their passion of wine making to you. As former military veterans, we believe integrity and respect are paramount in everything we do and you will find this same ‘Code of Conduct’ in every bottle we produce!


We invite you to visit our winery tasting room and taste for yourself our superior, handcrafted wines of uncompromising quality and taste.

Our Story


Our wines are sourced only from certified American Viticulture Areas in Texas & California.  In Texas, we source from the Texas High Plains AVA and the Texas Hill Country AVA. Our California wines are sourced from the Lodi AVA, Sierra Foothills AVA, Alexander Valley AVA, Monterey County AVA, and the very much sought after Mokelumne River AVA.


We picked these specific areas due to their very unique soils, climates, topography, and geographic locations.  Our farmers are passionate about their grapes and vineyards and their techniques in viticulture have been passed down from multiple generations.  Grapes of this rarity and quality are what you will find in every bottle of internationally recognized award-winning Sloan & Williams Winery wines.

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